There is no doubt that coronavirus has affected millions of businesses and industries around the world, but we must say, it’s affected us very little despite the meat shortages and supply chain changes. The entire idea behind our business is to farm in the United States and bring you only the best meats, in quality and taste. We’ve stuck by this idea for over 40 years. The coronavirus didn’t affect our mission.

When coronavirus hit, we decided to modify our sanitization protocols, particularly in stores. We’ve limited how many employees and customers can be in the stores at once, we’re cleaning much more frequently throughout the entire day, but our pasture to table methods have not changed. We knew from the start that we needed a better and safer way to provide customers with the most delicious meats. That’s why since our opening in 1968, we’ve focused on the care of our animals, we take time to perfectly season our meats and keep them tender, and we’ve ensured cleanliness and safety were perfect from day one.
In addition, many restaurants and bigger chains would turn to large-scale farms and slaughterhouses for their needs. When the pandemic hit, many of these places were shut down leading to a meat shortage due to cleanliness and safety not being up-to-par with the coronavirus sanitization guidelines. That’s why many people have turned to local meat shops like us at Golden Steer Choice Meats. Our demand has only increased and we’ve been able to keep up with the demand because we’ve always kept up with safety concerns for everyone involved.

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