If you love to cook, you know the importance of a great knife, especially for your meats. Here is our complete guide to the perfect knife maintenance.


Knives should never be kept with all your other utensils and tools in a drawer. The tossing of the knives and constant metal of other items hitting against the knife blade will ruin them over time. If possible, buy a magnetic wall rack or a knife block to safely store your knives away.

Sharpening & Safety

A sharp knife is the key to all. Knives should be well treated and a sharp versus blunt knife can be what changes in your appreciation for cooking. Not only is a sharp blade easier to use, but it can also actually make cooking safer too. A blunt knife means you will be placing more pressure on the cut. More pressure means more danger to your fingers, messy cuts on your meats, and a slower cutting time.


Knives are not all made with the same quality. It is worth paying a bit more to purchase an exceptional knife that will not blunt out after just several uses.


It is never a good idea to place knives in a dishwasher. This could damage the handle and blade and cause the blade to separate from the handle, especially if the handles are made out of wood. Clean them by hand and just be very careful about your knife handling techniques when washing them. Never cut on metal or marble worktops.

Sharpen & Honing

Over time, your knife may become dull or the center of the knife may be off. Buy the right tools such as honing steel and ensure to stay at a 10-20-degree angle while honing to prevent dulling the knife even more. If you’re unsure about properly sharpening or honing your knife, consider going to a professional who can help you out.

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